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Choosing the right makeup has become an art today. Do you have problems with choosing the right makeup, you change your makeup very often and just can't find the right combination, or do you just want to try something new? Don't worry, that's why we exist to find the right solution.

Choosing the right makeup is not a simple or easy job; it depends on many factors, primarily on your character and what you actually want. Therefore, our make up artists will meet your requirements and make you look perfect.

Permanent makeup

Permanent make-up is intended for people who want to hide certain flaws and/or especially emphasize a certain part of their body, such as emphasizing certain facial features or drawing lines along the eyes and eyelashes. In the last few years, permanent make up has experienced great popularity in the world. If you are tired of messy make-up, constant repairing and smearing, then maybe permanent make-up is the ideal option for you. This procedure is actually very similar to tattooing because pigments are introduced into the upper layers of the skin, which remain there permanently, and the skin becomes pigmented, and irregularities such as sparse eyebrows or undefined lips are removed. The duration of this type of make-up very often depends on the color with which the treatment is performed, but also on the type of skin. However, the most common duration is between two and five years, after which the treatment needs to be repeated.


Many women strive to have beautiful and perfect eyebrows that will fix and beautify their facial appearance. If you want to find the ideal shape and thickness, such a procedure is not easy at all, and when we indulge in it on our own, then we often make mistakes. That is why, in order to have perfect eyebrows, it is necessary to look for the right expert, the one who will quickly recognize the shortcomings, understand what you need and finally fulfill your wishes.

In our salon you can get powder eyebrows treatment and eyebrow microblading.

Powder eyebrows treatment is a treatment which is increasingly used. Namely, it is a type of permanent makeup that can best mimic the look of eye shadow on your eyebrows. It is one of the most popular treatments when it comes to permanent makeup and it is a manual eyebrow shading. After the treatment itself, the eyebrows may seem a bit unnatural and dark, but the final effect will be visible after the second drawing, while the effect itself will last from one to two years.

Eyebrow microblading is another popular type of treatment, and it involves the permanent application of pigments through microneedles that mimic the natural appearance of hair. During the method itself, the hairs are inserted into the skin with special knives. After this method, the eyebrow gets an absolutely natural look because it is not filled in completely, but by drawing it, the appearance of thin hairs is obtained. This method is especially intended for those who have destroyed the natural shape of their eyebrows due to plucking, as well as for those who have lost their eyebrows for some other reason and now want to refill their own.


The beautiful appearance of the eyelashes gives the eyes a special magic and charm. There is a famous saying that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. When we talk to someone, the focus of our gaze is always on the eyes and that is why it is important to make sure that the eyes look natural, a little seductive, simple and beautiful during every opportunity. How to achieve all of this? Our salon is the right address for you.

Women usually want to have slightly longer lashes, but they struggle with numerous layers of mascara, using curlers that damage and destroy the lashes, the artificial ones peel off quickly and then it all looks awkward and out of order.

But, there is a solution for everything; artificial eyelashes have become a real hit with trendy women around the world. They are actually just part of the permanent makeup offering. It is up to you to choose, from the length, density and so on, you can choose the lashes exactly the way you want to.

The Allure team will make sure that your look gets a special dimension and depth, and we offer silk lashes, Russian volume and mega volume.

Silk lashes are an indispensable method when women want aesthetic beautification and therefore we know for sure that they are very grateful in case they are maintained. They are accentuated, a bit prominent but most importantly, they look quite natural.

Russian volume is one of the methods that can help you make your look with beautiful lashes look glamorous. It is a treatment in which an eyelash extension is applied in which your lashes can go from 3D to 6D. To each lash that is natural, three to six lashes that are light and fairly thin are added. Eyelashes can be thickened and we leave the length for you to choose.

Mega volume of lashes is for people who want to stand out with something completely different. These are much thicker and larger lashes. The procedure is performed by applying up to 16 artificial eyelashes to one eyelash that is natural. This is truly a choice for ladies who want to have a Hollywood look that no one will remain indifferent to.

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