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Face and body care

It is well known how important regular face and body care is. The skin suffers the most from all external, but also internal factors. The condition and appearance of the skin of the face and body are key indicators of our overall health and also play a significant role in our self-confidence.

Deposits and impurities often accumulate on the skin of the face and body, and the skin is exposed to intoxication due to the make-up applied to it. That is why exfoliation is important at least twice a week in order to remove impurities and dead cells and thus restore the radiance and radiant appearance of the skin.

Cleansing the skin can involve rinsing with water and washing with special means, thus purifying the deep pores so that in the end the skin gets perfect freshness and a feeling of cleanliness.

Skin cleansers will stimulate microcirculation, prevent blackheads and clog pores. With skin cleansing devices, you will get perfect smoothness; even the smallest impurities will be removed, and your skin will be soft and perfectly smooth.

Our skin wants simplicity and loves routine. Therefore, it is important to find products and services that will help us find the right recipe for our skin type. In our salon you will find qualified and educated beauticians who will give you the answer to these questions and help keep your skin soft and smooth.

In our salon you can get different treatments for face and body. We use the best preparations, such as the famous Thalgo, with which your skin will be instantly refreshed, and the results will be quickly visible. In addition, before the treatment, each client receives a special skin analysis (Imetrix), so we know exact type of client's skin and which treatment is the best for that kind of skin.

+387 33 550-055


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Mon - Sat: 
09 AM - 9 PM

Allure is more than a beauty salon, a place where natural beauty and magic combine, an oasis of peace and relaxation.

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