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Depilation, as a way of removing unwanted hair from the body, dates back to the time of ancient Egypt, Rome, and ancient Greece, where it was first used by men or priests and the upper class, and only later by women.

The method of waxing has become an integral part of the basic hygiene of today's women, and in a large number of men, since it removes hair from the root very quickly and efficiently. The wax is single-use and thus makes the treatment very hygienic.

Preparing the skin for the best possible depilation result is an important part of the process, therefore it is necessary for the skin to be hydrated. There are several ways to hydrate the skin depending on the type, whether with some body milk, creams, oils or serums.

Cold wax depilation is a method where the wax is heated in special cartridges by which it is applied in a very thin layer, because it cools quickly, in the direction of hair growth, and is pulled in strips in the opposite direction.

The hot wax method, where the wax is heated to a lower temperature and thus sticks to the hairs not to the skin, thus plucking only the hairs with the root and making the process itself less painful.

Depilation, in addition to removing unwanted hair, gently removes dead cells from the skin, which is silky and smooth after the treatment.

We offer top-quality cosmetic waxing treatments, which get rid of unwanted hair quickly, easily and professionally.

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