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"I have always had a passion to be the owner of a beauty salon, which will provide a wide range of services and cosmetics for all ages. Spending my time in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the last two years, I saw an opportunity to make my dream come true.
The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is such that the market is "flooded" with beauty salons, but these salons have a very limited service.
Beauty salon "Allure" was opened in March 2019 in the heart of Sarajevo... Completely renovated and equipped space, it has slowly taken the form of an oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation, where each client is approached individually. We offer facial treatments, massages, hairdressing services, manicures and pedicures, ultrasonic cavitation, depilation...
With the current team, made up of more than ten professionals, Allure will continue to grow and expand, both in terms of staff and the tendency to become a franchise, a salon that will be recognizable across Europe.
I am very proud of everything we have achieved so far. By creating jobs and seizing the opportunity for improvement, we contribute to the community.
Our database of satisfied clients crosses the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Together with the "Allure" team, I invite you to visit our salon and go through a unique experience...“

"The love of beauty is taste, and creating beauty is art ..."
However, having a good taste is nothing compared to creating a beauty itself. This whole process involves a lot of motivation, energy, effort and of course imagination. Therefore, it’s called art.
“Allure” is the place where art is created, where inner beauty finds its way out. Our mission is to preserve and revitalize it. And you are our inspiration.
With a professional and creative team, a calm and harmonious atmosphere, you will forget about time and obligations. You deserve it and you definitely need it.

Visit us and see why we are unique.
  • An oasis of peace, where I like to escape in rare free moments, after a hard day of working, for cuddling and attention. Friendly staff, who knows the limits and respects your intimacy and provides professional service with great, high-quality products. The only downside is that you are unhappy when you have to get out of the salon.

  • Modern appliances and the expertise of the staff are my reason for coming to the beauty salon "Allure". I came for massage and cavitation, that is, fat removal treatment. The circumference of the skin above the knee decreased by 1 cm after the first cavitation treatment. I enjoyed deep relaxation and relief from the effects of stress. After these two treatments, my body felt lighter, as if it had lost its "weights", and my pain and stiffness disappeared.

  • Lovely salon, wonderful staff. Top service and products. Special praise for the cleanliness and atmosphere. Congratulations!

Ultrasonic cavitation
IBeauty facial treatment
Permanent makeup – powder eyebrows

+387 33 550-055


Vrazova 16, Sarajevo

Mon - Sat: 
09 AM - 9 PM

Allure is more than a beauty salon, a place where natural beauty and magic combine, an oasis of peace and relaxation.

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